Monday, September 18, 2006

What is bicycle-repair?

The process of installing Linux is quite boring, just as installing any other OS. Some of you, who keep awake and sit near the computer while it's installing Linux must have noticed that it installs thousands of packages. Have you noticed that it also installs "bicycle repair" as one of the packages?

Does this mean that you can repair your broken bicycle by hooking it up with your linux computer?

"Eh.. Comeon! You must be kidding!"

Well yeah. I am kidding.

When I saw this "bicycle repair" package for the first time, I was curious, so set out to know what exactly is this. And I found the answer.

Bicycle Repair Man is a refactoring utility for Python. Basically, it manipulates the code of a program without changing input or output. The aim is to make the code more readable for the programmer.

But still, I wish my computer could repair my bicycle for me! :)

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