Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Concept: eBytes cybercafe

The following few paragraphs describe a cafetaria from a dream I had on 22nd July 2006, while I was still in jetlag after traveling from United States to India:

The name of this cafetaria is E-bytes. The logo looks like coffee-cup from sun's Java. There are no waiters who come to take the order. Every table is fitted with a computer with TFT screen and a mouse. Users are presented with a flash-based menu! Users simply point and click what they want, and even pay by their credit card right from their table. The orders are taken by the networked computer by the chef manager who is completely out of sight from the customers. The order is completed, and I get to see it.

I ordered 1GB RAM for myself. It's basically a rectangular wafer with golden yellow base and greenish toppings (maybe cilantro) - looks just like computer RAM. My petite friend gets 512 MB RAM which is a thinner version. We dip it in some kind of sauce and taste it - very tasty! And crisp! :)

Other things on menu:

Hard disk donuts: Comes in 80 GB and 160 GB sizes. This donut however doesn't have a hole in its center! You can order Sweet Seagate or Salty Samsung.

Hotmouse: A mouse-shaped hotdog. It's cordless. Children would like to have a corded Hotmouse that is also available on the house.

The dream ends... prematurely.

Will someone actually materialize this dream, some day? Or is it there already?

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