Thursday, March 15, 2007

MacBook insomnia

My MacBook bought 7 months back was working flawlessly until recently, when it started failing to sleep when I close the lid. This used to happen once in a while, and I had to reboot it to fix it. But the problem returned after some time of use.

The failure to go into sleep mode took some serious turns two weeks back when the MacBook would never go to sleep whatsoever, reboots after reboots. I didn't install any new applications as far as I remember, nor did I change any hardware in the MacBook.

I repaired permissions, repaired the disk, to no avail! I even reinstalled the entire Mac OS X and updated it completely, didn't work either. I reset the PRAM etc. as described on Apple support website, even that didn't solve the problem.

Now the status is, the MacBook can go to sleep if it's rebooted freshly. But as I keep using it, it fails to go to sleep, and the only way I can transport my MacBook to school is by turning it off completely, which is quite like a Dell notebook (in fact, worse) and I don't like it.

The Apple website doesn't mention anything about MacBooks failing to sleep. Searching on other Mac help sites has revealed that several people have this problem, but there is no solid solution.

Can someone help me?