Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ubuntu Server: CDROM problem

My server, a 1997 old desktop, has Ubuntu Server Edition running on it. I had inserted my Ubuntu CDROM in its drive, and kept it over there ever since. But now, I needed to take the CD out, for installing an Ubuntu virtual machine on my laptop.

Okay, so I sit in front of my server, and press the eject button of CDROM. Nothing happens. Did that again - nothing yet. I pressed the button really hard one more time. But the machine won't budge.

I thought that the old CDROM drive is dead for good.

But wait... I just remembered: I couldn't eject CDs by pressing the eject button on my previous linux laptop! What is going on here?

Lacking a GUI, I decide to do something from CLI (command line interface) to eject the CD. So I type this:


and press enter.

Viola...!!!! The CD is out now! :)


Bender said...

Hey, you could also use a needle to eject the cd manually, on normal drives there's ever a small dot just press it with the needle and

Viola...!!!! The CD is out now! :)

Anil said...

Thanks Bender! I appreciate your intelligent response. In fact, I should keep a needle handy just in case! :P