Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Has Yahoo made POP access free for all?

I heard one can't use Yahoo's free email with POP clients like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail without upgrading to their premium service. At least this was the case last year when I tried accessing my Yahoo emails with Apple Mail and it simply refused.

Yesterday I tried it again, and now it works.

I have not purchased any Yahoo Premium Services. This is how my "premium services" look like:

All I did was to enter my Yahoo email ID and password when I opened Apple Mail for the first time, and used the "automatic setup" option. It did everything, no need to type in pop or smtp servers.

At first, I thought some software like yahoopops might be built-into OS X, or I may have installed one inadvertently. So I tried sending a mail, and it worked like a charm!

So now I have Yahoo's premium service for free. Do you?


Sam said...

Not so much for me. Every reference to "upgrades" in Yahoo Mail still wants money for Plus (i.e. POP access). Gmail can't connect to their POP servers, same as before. Are you using a different server locale (like UK)? I've heard that Yahoo allows POP without the premium access in other country domains, but never the good ol' US of A. They hate us here and just want us to pay for their crappy services. Yahoo drives me nuts; if my email with them wasn't so dang old I would just drop it.

Anil said...

@sam: Well, I am located in the same good ol' US of A, and Yahoo is giving me a premium service for free. I am able to connect to both Gmail and Yahoo Mail with POP clients without paying anything. Are you sure your programs are set right? Have you checked firewall settings in both your OS and your router? I'm asking this because Gmail works like a charm with any POP client I've tried so far!

Sam said...

Goo! I think Google is using the default port...995? I'm not 100% sure. I'm at work and I don't believe we block that port explicitly; besides the error I'm getting from Gmail is the same old "requires Yahoo Mail Plus" message that I've always gotten.