Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mac OS X: "Airport" process using more than 99% CPU

I don't remember when it started, but I noticed my MacBook is running hotter these days, and the fan switches on to full speed after few minutes of login. iStat Pro, the dashboard widget, tells me that the process "airport" has very high CPU (about 99-100%). There is no application named airport in my system, so it's a child process of some other application.

After much tinkering around, I found the solution. The culprit was Vine Server, a VNC server application. I had deleted the application from my applications folder earlier, but apparently it left something behind. What did it leave? Spotlight didn't show any results for "VNC", but Quicksilver showed this:

Image Hosted by

So I deleted this app from my hard drive (I had to enter password), rebooted, and now everything works fine.

Lesson for Mac Users: If "airport" shows very high CPU usage, remove everything related to VNC.
Lesson for Apple: Please include a clean uninstaller with OS X.


Anonymous said...

This also appears to be a problem with VMWare's Fusion Beta 3/4.

Anonymous said...

anon: you are RIGHT ON.

tintin:~ srl$ ps -ax | grep -i vmw
86 ?? Ss 0:01.93 /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/vmnet-natd

I killed everything related to vmware. Problem went away.

Anonymous said...

This still appears to be a problem with Vmware Fusion, killed the vmware-bridge process and airport CPU dropped to normal

Anonymous said... makes it easy to identify running processes on your Mac.

Anonymous said...

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