Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Linux: The non-stop performer

I am hosting five websites from my home server using Linux. This "server" is a very old computer barely capable of running modern operating systems, but is running Apache web server on Ubuntu Linux successfully. I had configured this as a server many months back, and then just forgot about it. I never had any downtime problems so far (except once when I filled up the entire 1GB HDD by installing some updates leading to a kernel panic), and no crashes!

Yesterday, I just remembered I have a web-server which has been running all day and all night, and I became curious how many days it has been up. I checked, and here is what I saw:

The server was up for 91 days non-stop! I didn't have to worry about it at all! This is truly great, and I can now feel why the Linux community is so enthusiastic about their software!
Thank you Linus!

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