Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funny: Pistachio Laptop Cooler

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My roommate's Sony Vaio was running exceptionally hot during one of his extended cyberchatting sessions. He's too lazy to go out and buy a laptop cooler, and can't afford to shut the machine down for a few minutes. So this is his innovative way to cool his laptop: Place it on a bowl of Pistachios. The pistachios are a very effective cooling agent for laptops - please call a computer researcher to confirm this :)

(As a side effect, the pistachios will last longer too)


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Anil,
This 'Dry fruit' cooling technique is good, but the kernel problem is something else.
The same problem I was having with my laptop (and I believe most of the laptop users face the same problem some day)
My comp was over heating, and some times it was shutting down spontaniously whenever I was doing some high memory task.
Then I came to know that this over heating thing is because of choking of cooling duct plates. They are just like heat radiators which are somewhere near the cooling fan. You need to open your machine, and clean the ducts. Result will be magical. If you are so skeptical about opening your machine, then you can 'blow' the ducts by a powerful hair dryer or a powerful vacuum cleaner. (In my case I used my lungs...I simply blow hard from result is magical, and almost at once! you try it and then I bet you will be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

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