Monday, July 09, 2007

Top 20 Mario facts

Okay, I'm on a break from technology days. So let me post something about another of my long time passions - video games! This post is all about top 20 facts about Mario! Hope you enjoy reading it.

1. How old is Mario?

Answer: 26 years now (First game "Donkey Kong" released in 1981). He was then known as "Jumpman".

2. What is Mario's last name (surname)?

Answer: Mario does not have a last name!

3. Where was Mario created?
Answer: Japan

4. Who created Mario?
Answer: Shigeru Miyamoto

5. Where does Mario live?
Answer: Mushroom Kingdom

6. What is Mario's occupation?
Answer: He's a plumber.

7. What is Mario's nationality?
Answer: He is Italian.

8. Why does Mario wear a cap?
Answer: Because his designer found it difficult to draw hair. So he gave Mario a cap to wear. Smart!

9. What happens when Mario loses his cap?
Answer: He is more vulnerable to damage by enemies. Watch a video of Mario losing his cap.

10. Which weapons does Mario use?
Answer: Mario is so powerful that he doesn't need to use any weapons. However, he sometimes uses a hammer. He also throws fireballs after eating a Fire Flower but that's not considered to be a weapon. Rather it's an "ability".

11. Is Mario fat?
Answer: Yes, of course. He was created to be short, fat but agile and kind.

12. What is Mario's favorite food?
Answer: Mario's most favorite food is pasta. He also likes pizza.

13. Who does Mario rescue?
Answer: Princess Peach

14. What reward does Mario receive after rescuing the princess?
Answer: A kiss.

15. Who is Mario's twin brother?
Answer: Luigi

16. Who is Mario's enemy?
Answer: Bowser

17. Who is Mario's lookalike bad guy?
Answer: "Wario"

18. Does the baby Mario have a mustache?
Answer: Yes, Mario has a mustache ever since he was born!

19. Name the only three human inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom
Answer: Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

20. How many Mario games have been sold so far?
Answer: Mario games are THE bestsellers in the history of video games so far. The Super Mario series alone has sold about 70 million copies!


Zeonix said...

Hi, im doing a random report for a school project and i was looking up mario facts since thats my topic i choose. I like your blog and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Mario's last name is Mario, as is Luigi's. Hence the Mario Bros.

Mario Mario
Luigi Mario

Anonymous said...

18... baby mario does not have a moustache

Anil said...

18... baby mario does not have a moustache

I see they have changed it. The Mario series I watched had baby Mario and Luigi with moustaches. But the new release has them without moustaches!

Zye said...

Mario and Luigi are not twins, They look much different and Mario's older.

Anonymous said...

You need to get your facts straight. First of all, Marios enemy is Wario, NOT Bowser. Also Baby Mario DOES NOT have a freaking moustache. Google images it if you don't believe me. And you call yourself an asian. Good Day.

Anonymous said...

the oldest game that has baby mario i know of is yoshi island for game boy color and baby mario dose not have a moustache in that game.

Anonymous said...

dude wth mario didn't have 'stache and other dude bowser is sorta the new bad guy these days but i used to be wario >:^(

Anonymous said...

2: Mario's last name is Mario. He is Mario Mario, and his twin brother is Luigi Mario.

12: I have never heard anyone say Mario's favorite food. However when Mario falls asleep in Super Mario 64, he mumbles about ravioli.

15: Luigi is his twin, it is stated so in Yoshi's Island. You don't have to be identical twin's to be twins. They are called paternal twins. Paternal twins are conceived at the same time but created from 2 different ovum and 2 different sperm. Identical twins are created from one ova and one sperm, and is split into two very soon after conception.

P.S. Mario probably is older, by only a few minuets, though.

16: Mario's first enemy ever is Donkey Kong. After that comes some random lowlifes in Mario Bros. After that is Bowser in Super Mario Bros. in 1985, and then Wario in Super Mario Land in 1989. Bowser was his enemy before Wario and Bowser is his enemy way more times than Wario.

His enemy is BOWSER!

These are American release date's but I'm pretty sure the order in Japan was the same.

18: In the first game with Baby Mario, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mario does NOT have a mustache.

Anonymous said...

Dude you guys are stupid and must not have been born in the 80's, *chronologically speaking* donkey kong is mario's true enemy *arcade*, followed by bowser and wart *nes*, then wario, *gameboy* and various others, (bowsers 7 kids? smw snes) ...and in mario RPG bowser and mario were friends and they fought a complete new set of enemy bosses.
I think it would be fair to say many villains take turns hating mario.
As for a baby mario stache, I have no idea I was 25 by the time they created him probably, I played yoshis island *snes* and beat it in about a day or 2 as a kid, *was I a baby mario in that game* lmfao?

Anonymous said...

I like the facts