Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My iPhone dreams are shattered

Just like the majority of students, I'm poor, but I have dreams.

My latest dream was to get an iPhone.

Why I want iPhone? Because it has many features not found in other commonly available/commonly known phones. It's more like a fashion statement than a machine of need. That makes it hot for any student.

The only thing that was preventing me from buying it was a prohibitive price tag of $400. It's now been taken off, and it's down to $200, though it continues to be advertised as $199 by the respective companies in hopes that many will not feel the pinch by seeing the number start with 1 rather than 2.

But I do feel the pinch, and I have decided not to buy an iPhone despite waiting for it for a long time. Here's why:

I worked out the total yearly cost of ownership of iPhone:

Item One-time cost 1-year cost

iPhone handset 199 199
Tax 16.4175 16.4175
Minimum monthly rental 69.99 839.88
"Activation" fee 36 36
SMS 5 60

Total cost of ownership of an iPhone is $1151.30.

I'd rather invest that money in books, food, rent, and paying other bills.

I'm sorry Apple and AT&T but you have disappointed me by first showing me a glimpse of reduced cost, but eventually not doing it at all.

No iPhone for me.

Edit: I'm deviating from my usual policy of including pictures in posts, because I don't want to see an iPhone pic now.


Will said...

Well, when you look at it like that...

Honestly, I think that you're not seeing the whole picture. They will eventually sell iPhones as stand alone units, but this will be after the initial rush. Look it up, ATT has even said as much themselves.

Of course, it'll be more expensive because it isn't subsidized. And you'll still have to pay for unlimited internet access. Or, since you can negotiate a contract yourself, you can ditch the data plan altogether, and only use wifi. Although that kind of defeats many of the iphone's key points.

Either way, what about used/refurb 1st gen iPhones? And you're not subtracting the current cost of your current wireless from the yearly cost of ownership. That would make a big impact, too.

महामंत्री-तस्लीम said...

आई फोन पर तो किसी का भी दिल आ सकता है। बहरहाल अचछा विश्लेषण किया है आपने।